Welding defects can compromise the stability and integrity of a welded structure. When you need confidence in testing of welds, Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD), a high performance non-destructive testing (NDT) technique offers you accurate detection of cracks, slag and lack of fusion. We accompany you throughout your testing project and offer you individual solutions. Our capabilities include weld testing using TOFD technique, data processing and report preparation using the developed software. We believe that using our TOFD inspection service will lead to major time savings during the life cycle of new build and replacement projects. It is an excellent and widely accepted pre-service and in-service inspection tool that is recognized internationally, with defined codes, standards and acceptance criteria available for its use.


Higher probability of failure detection compared to conventional procedures such as radiographic testing (RT) and ultrasonic testing (UT) .

Reduced costs, as TOFD inspections can take place on-site alongside production work during the day shift.

No logistical difficulty as in the case of radiographic testing.

Quick results, as inspection time is not as highly affected by material thickness as it is in the case of radiographic testing.

Material examinations and inspections are possible even to temperatures exceeding 400°C.

Reduced risk of company liability thanks to documented safety standards.

Well qualified operators.

Certified inspectors in accordance with the TOFD certification program based on ISO 9712 (former EN 473).